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First of all... So that you don't need to trawl through the entire list on our Name & Shame page, here are THREE (yes, only three) GOLDEN RULES that everyone should follow;



1. Wannabe models DO-NOT NEED A PORTFOLIO or even PROFESSIONAL PICTURES when first trying to get in to the industry. It is that simple! GENUINE agencies and companies only require natural snapshots to make a decision. Holiday snaps or any natural images taken at home are fine as long as they are unedited and less than 3-6 months old. If a company is offering to shoot a portfolio, it's a scam. says; "IF you are fortunate enough to get signed to a genuine agency, they will arrange 'Test Shoots' (All Free) with a variety of photographers to build your 'Book' (Portfolio) and give it a variety of images. This would either be completely free or any pre-agreed costs would be deducted from your earnings with the agency."



2. GENUINE model/fashion agencies or companies DO-NOT send people to photographic studios for 'Assessment' Days. This process is the biggest con of them all and often involves a deposit (to ensure you turn up) and the enticing promise of being on a website or signed to an agency. says; "However convincing it may seem, this scam is entirely aimed at selling portfolios or expensive photographs. Often, it's the studio itself that has set up the very convincing fake agency or 'model platform' that 'recommends' them or they are owned and operated by the same people."



3. GENUINE companies will want to meet and see an applicant before making any decisions and would NEVER send someone for a photoshoot without an initial meeting. says; "Find out WHO you are seeing and look them up. Many of the scammers hide behind the fake agency, model 'platform' and studios and are not industry professionals."

Three Golden Rules